IDM is Being Upgraded and Will Be Unavailable Until 6 am (EDT) on Monday, June 20th

The IDM link used to access the IDM Vendor Portal is being decommissioned. In order to achieve Home Depot security requirements, all suppliers must access the IDM Vendor Portal by accessing it through Homedepotlink. Please bookmark the following URL so that it can be utilized once the IDM application is back up on June 17th:

To ensure suppliers are made aware of the changes that have been made to IDM, all suppliers will be required to pass a certification test in order to access the New IDM Portal. If you have not already completed the new IDM application training, please click on the following link and watch the required training videos and complete the certification tests: You can complete the certification process while IDM is unavailable. You must complete the certification in order to access the new IDM Vendor Portal.

If you are having problems with certification or have not received the certification invitation, please contact